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Digital Assurance

An AI-driven, end-to-end continuous SAP Testing Platform for a hyper-local marketing brand.

By June 8, 2023August 4th, 2023No Comments

The Challenge

UpSwell approached NewVision to automate the Order-to-Cash process on the SAP HANA landscape new S/4 platform. They needed to speed up SAP testing with an AI-driven, end-to-end continuous testing platform. The aim was to turbo-charge SAP innovations with the test automation platform, so that they could make weekly (and even daily) releases a reality. They were also looking to protect their business processes while eliminating the need for hypercare – with AI-powered risk analysis that provided 90%+ risk coverage and zero defect releases. We had to build a platform that was AI-driven and codeless, shrinking testing costs by as much as 50% or more through reduced test volume and the automation of manual tasks.

Our Solution

Partnering with our client on their digital journey, NewVision streamlined the processes of data collection, data validation, and data movement. We implemented all steps with lean iterative cycle times, ensuring that UpSwell gained quick wins while always remaining agile even as their business processes evolved. The lean automating testing platform we designed allowed them to catch bugs early and significantly improved their processes – making them quicker and boosting efficiency with each cycle.

The focal points of our digital journey with our client are summarized below:

Improved their overall Order to Cash efficiency by automating the sub processes.

Validated and automated data into SAP for order entry, pricing and mass changes to material and customer records.

Provided governance and workflow around complex scenarios, such as data collection for new material and customer records.

Enabled great service, set up the appropriate architecture and responded promptly beyond expected levels.


A supersonic delivery of an automation testing platform, AIdriven and codeless.

An AI-driven risk analysis that provides 90%+ risk coverage and zero defect releases.

Shrinking testing costs by as much as 50% or more, through reduced test volume and the automation of manual tasks.

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