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Data Engineering & Analytics

Data Analytics & Engineering platform for a US based company offering Data Analytics and AI powered Marketing.

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The Challenge

Our client needed to build a new analytics platform that not only helped with targeting prospects, but also enabled them to improve tracking, monitor their successes and optimize marketing budgets. The aim was to ensure access to a user-friendly portal, where they’d be able to manage campaigns and check analytics cutting across their customers. This would aid in effective data consolidation, reviews and reporting at various aggregate levels – leading to richer business insights, smarter decisions, better predictive capabilities and sharing of cross-learning across stores and campaigns.

Our Solution

Our client was moving fast moving towards its newly aligned post-merger goals – serving 10,000+ customers, executing 1,50,000+ campaigns, and aiming to acquire 10 million+ new customers. Given the scale of operations, as their consulting, design and software partner, we needed to be quick, accurate, scalable and consistent in our design and development approach.

The focal points of our digital journey with our client are summarized below:

Helping them gain insights on how well their company was doing on key business metrics.

Attracting customers through their running campaigns, thereby scaling up retention rates.

Accommodation of more customers down the line, with different data systems being integrated smoothly withthe existing data platform.

Promoting business visibility through insights and reports.

Providing predictive insights that would help them course-correct their business on time.

Complete, accurate and scalable architecture, with analytics and predictive capabilities.


The end-to-end solution we came up with showed excellent results, helping our client align seamlessly to their expanding business goals and priorities. Rich data is now giving them deep business insights about their current and future customers, and helping them take quicker, smarter decisions based on better predictive abilities.

Users can understand the effectiveness of individual campaigns, their ROI and the response rates of the campaigns, down to every customer visit and revenue earned. Sales trend analyses have been facilitated, data has been standardized and the effective presentation of data flow in the system has vastly enhanced the maintenance of data quality. As a result, we now enjoy a long-term relationship.

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