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Navigating Digital’s Direction As One Team

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Building Dreams – Catapulting Careers

At NewVision, we do not offer a job, but enkindle in you a dream and help you catapult into that journey that builds or furthers your career. We bring an open environment where you are free to move laterally or embrace different roles. It’s a foundation of continuous learning, and we provide a learning ecosystem sponsoring your training and certifications.

Fostering Health & Mindfulness

We believe that Mindfulness & Health is True Wealth and enable people to prioritize health as well as find fulfillment in the workspace. We foster a culture that recognizes and rewards good health practices and offers compensation that rewards their efforts. Additionally, we provide a distinctive growth plan tailored to each individual’s unique aspirations and goals.

Core Values Drive Our Days At New Vision

Life Positive environment where everyone is nurtured to become their best.
Curious and with a mindset of finding answers, we constantly strive to be Wayfinders.
An Open culture where we encourage people to bring hobbies and experiences back to work.
Guardians of Trust, we work together as one team and not disparate silos.
However, all that we achieve, we achieve as one team with the belief that we all Win Together.

Answering The Frequently Asked Questions

How does NewVision take care of my career growth?

  • At NewVision, we prioritize the personal & professional development of all team members. All team members participate in a structured, customized L&D (Learning & Development) goal setting & growth monitoring process. This is discussed in monthly 1:1 and annual performance review sessions.

How does NewVision provide learning opportunities to employees? What about upskilling/certifications?

  • We sponsor training & certification costs 100%. The team member does not have to incur expenses on their own development at NewVision.
  • Team members who show interest in alternate skills/roles, we welcome it. We have them re-evaluated for those roles, develop them and allow them to shift departments based on their passion.

What are the specific programs for employees’ personal development?

  • Language Enhancement Program
  • Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Job-Specific Technical Skills Training & certifications
  • Mentorship Sessions
  • Health and Fitness initiatives
  • Weekly fun events
  • Rewards and recognition programs
  • Continuous communications platform where employees can directly learn from Top Leadership

What are the opportunities for employees to earn rewards & perks?

  • Fortnightly Competitions, Monthly Recognitions, and Annual Events. Long Service awards and Annual Golden Awards are part of the events that happen regularly.
  • Project Delivery Incentives.
  • Lead Generation, Business Development, and Sales Incentives

What are the benefits of joining NewVision?

  • Competitive CTC with variable Payouts
  • Medical and Health Benefits
  • Performance Incentives
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Internal Job switching opportunities
  • Participation in internal competitions and related rewards
  • Work-Life Balance activities
  • Team community service opportunities – CSR

Join Our Journey To Define Digital

Join Our Journey To Define Digital

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