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Cloud & Infrastructure

Digital Transformation & Automation of a Cloud-based event management company.

By June 8, 2023August 4th, 2023No Comments

The Challenge

In essence, the customer’s goal was to leverage the Cloud features efficiently in order to make their application and infrastructure stronger in every way – highly available, cost-efficient, secure, fault-tolerant, and scalable. As per their requirements, NewVision also needed to automate their Build & Deployment by using Jenkins 2.0.

Our Solution

After assessing their current infrastructure on the cloud, we conducted the analysis and highlighted desired areas of improvement. Thereafter, we made the application highly available and scalable and upgraded the infrastructure – deploying the application in multiple availability zones and multiple regions with the help of auto-scaling.

Our team also identified some logical components and their dependencies, refactoring them with the help of developers. They then created APIs for remote user interfaces, such as for reporting. In the build & deploy stage, the DevOps pipeline was designed and implemented, using third-party tools.


The high degree of success of the project can be gauged by the following metrics:

Improvement of 50% of the release cycle for CI/CD. Increase of 80% in team productivity.

Increase of 60% in testing automation.

Increase of 85% in overall release quantity.

The customer achieved all they had set out to, and our relationship continues to grow in scope and scale.

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