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NewVision Wins CRM Transformation Deal with Large Utility Provider in the Middle East

By July 27, 2023No Comments

NewVision, a leading IT consulting company, has secured a significant deal to transform the CRM and billing systems of a leading utility service provider in the Middle East. NewVision will implement Oracle C2M, an advanced solution designed specifically for utility services, to replace a legacy application that no longer meets with industry requirements. The utility provider has been using Oracle ERP and wanted to upgrade its legacy systems to improve customer experience.

The company looked for a reliable implementation and support partner and selected NewVision, after extensive due diligence based on its expertise and experience. An Oracle Utilities Badge holder, NewVision’s capabilities as a transformation partner to implement complex CRM and billing deployments and provide ongoing support has been well established.

The partnership between the utility service provider and NewVision is expected to drive business excellence by exploiting advanced features and functionalities of Oracle C2M, primarily to deliver superior customer experiences. A modernized CRM and billing system provides transparency and optimized processes to empower the provider to enhance the customer journey.

As the utility service provider embarks on its digital transformation initiative, industry watchers are eagerly anticipating the positive impact on business operations and the spin-off effect in the utility market.

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