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Designing Successful Transformation Strategies with Digital-Native Technology Partner

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Digital transformation is more than implementing new technologies—it is about people, processes, and a mindset shift that can re-imagine customer experiences and operations via digital products and services. A digital native mindset is a way of thinking that allows businesses to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with agility and innovation.

A technology services provider with a digital native mindset understands the significance of this shift and embeds agility and adaptability in its DNA. This equips the service provider partner to quickly identify new technology trends and translate them into value by combining a deep understanding of the business environment, functional needs, and new operating models.

For instance, when IDC says worldwide digital transformation investments will reach USD 3.4 trillion by 2026 it presents opportunities for a digital native technology company to pro-actively invest and build capabilities in emerging technologies such as Cloud, automation, digital product engineering, data engineering, and automation to create continuous value for its customers.

Thriving with Digital Transformation

A digitally transformed business is empowered with disruptive capabilities that include the following.

UX-LED DIGITAL PRODUCTS: An ability to create innovative digital products to meet customer expectations, replete with UX design principles, intuitive interfaces, seamless navigation, and personalized experiences. Companies like Apple, Uber, and Airbnb have excelled in this area creating immense stakeholder value.

PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS: Employs advanced analytics and tools to extract actionable insights from vast amounts of data. For instance, Netflix utilizes analytics to understand user behavior, viewing patterns, and preferences to personalize recommendations and optimize the content library accordingly. Data-driven decision-making enables companies to understand customers better, predict trends, and drive strategic initiatives.

AUTOMATION-LED EMPOWERMENT: Empowers the workforce with automation, transparency, and streamlined internal processes. Technologies like RPA can weed out inefficiencies of manual processes allowing employees to focus on higher-value activities—chatbots in a customer service center can handle routine queries while agents attend calls that require empathy and understanding.

Winning with a Digital-Native Partner

The road to digital transformation is fraught with danger with a failure rate as high as 70% – 80% according to research. Working with an experienced digital-native partner navigating the transformation journeys of many companies provides access to institutional knowledge and industry best practices to ensure predictable and successful outcomes. Specifically, benefits include the following.

INTUITIVE DESIGN APPROACHES: Deep understanding of business that places the customer at the heart of everything it does. This enables the partner to design innovative digital products or enhance existing ones by defining customer journeys via intuitive design approaches with cutting-edge technologies. From ideation to design and development, digital-native partner brings value with a user-centric approach and a commitment to creating continuous value.

AGILE METHODOLOGIES: Businesses can take advantage of a continuous feedback loop, frequent experimentation, and feature adaptation to achieve the best business outcomes by using an agile and iterative approach to development and problem-solving.

TESTING & ASSURANCE: Testing capabilities assure digital products are highly available, secure, and deliver high performance in the production environment.

MIGRATE WITH CLOUD-NATIVE ARCHITECTURES: Successfully migrate with Cloud-native architectures to take advantage of flexible, scalable infrastructure. Empowered with agile infrastructure, businesses can experiment frequently, expand quickly and collaborate with partners seamlessly by exploiting the API economy.

DATA & ANALYTICS: Translate the latent power of data into powerful insights and informed decision-making. Data is the fuel for digital transformation and an expert in advanced data architecture and analytics can help you unlock meaningful insights from vast amounts of data to identify new opportunities, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences.

ENABLE AUTOMATION: Drive driving operational efficiency and agility with robotic process automation (RPA), workflow automation, or IT process automation. Streamline repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and enhance productivity, while allocating resources to strategic activities to accelerate growth and innovation.

LEVERAGE ACCELERATORS & BEST PRACTICES: Working with a vast array of customers across industries, digital-native technology partners have insights into different verticals and are able to pass on the insights to businesses in the form of accelerators, institutional knowledge, and industrialized processes that shorten the time to digital transformation.

NewVision As Partner of Choice

Businesses need technology services providers who are more than technical experts to navigate the course as digital partners in the quest for transformation. NewVision is a digital-native technology company with an entrepreneurial mindset that works alongside customers to facilitate digital-enabled growth; provide scalable models to support expansion; and manage and optimize business operations to bring certainty, reliability, and predictability to drive success.

Kapil Godani

CEO, NewVision Software

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