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Product Engineering

A solution for physicians providing time tracking and contract lifecycle management solution for hospitals through different products

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The Challenge

Our client had prevalent history of chaos post almost all releases. There were issues reported by Customer Service team after every release that had to be addressed urgently

The inherent reason of these issue was multi-fold,

  • Poor SDLC processes
  • Incomplete analysis of features/enhancements or bugs fixed
  • Poor QA processes and high level QA test cases

Our Solution

The NewVision team proactively introduced the following strategic changes in SDLC that lead to Zero defects being slipped to End-Customer,

Introduction of Agile Scrum Processes and Practices for efficient monitoring and controlling of planned user stories

Introduction of Feature Testing for testing the features/enhancements/defects

Revamping regression test cases from 150 to 825+ test cases

Detailed analysis and discussion on the features/enhancement to better understand the Acceptance Criteria of each user story

Strong collaboration among team members to ensure each of the user stories are released with expected quality and timelines

Developed product & process guide for scalability to onboard team members and customers.


Zero major defects slipped last 12 releases.

External defect density is less than 1 (0.81) from last 12 releases

Sprint velocity increased by 15%

Increased Test Coverage by 100%

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