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Software Testing and QA Services

Ensuring Quality Beyond Expectations: Empowering Your Software Journey with Expert Software Testing and QA Services!

Our Next-Gen software testing and quality assurance services ensure high-quality products with consistent performance, high security, reliability, and timely releases. Our think-forward approach eliminates errors and reduces overall cycle time and ultimately cost of software development.

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Our Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

We offer a comprehensive set of manual and automated testing services replete with the latest tools, frameworks, and best practices. Our experienced team of QA engineers performs high-quality testing to provide stable and robust software solutions to power your digital transformation journey.

QA Transformation Advisory

Consulting in Quality Assurance transformation with our expertise in globally recognized QA practices that encompasses data, application performance, business value chain, and more.

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Digital Business Assurance

Ascertaining a digital solution’s functional integrity and quality through techniques aimed at validating digital systems, applications, and processes, ensuring they meet the desired functional benchmarks.

Functional Testing | Omni Channel Testing | Product Assurance | Compliance & Regulation Testing | Migration Testing | Regression Testing



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Digital Experience Assurance

Ensuring end-users have a positive and engaging experience with digital products, services, and interfaces through digital experience assurance – user journey definition, design, usability testing, etc.

Customer Experience Testing | Performance Testing | Security Testing | Accessibility Testing | Resilience & Reliability Testing | Penetration Testing

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Digital Technology Assurance

We assure the reliability, security, and effectiveness of digital technologies including hardware, software, networks, and infrastructure – through testing and compliance adherence.

Data testing | Cloud testing | Infrastructure testing | Microservices testing | IoT testing | Mobile Testing

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Software Testing & Quality Assurance – Areas We Differentiate

Holistic Assurance Strategy

Focus on a diverse array of technologies that empower transformation – legacy technologies, IoT, AI, Big Data, etc.

Decades Of Expertise

Teams converge years of expertise in QA and diverse testing practices with knowledge of tools and techniques.

Always Evolving Practice

From functional to technology assurance – our teams always keep themselves updated about the dynamic landscape and the latest QA, compliance, and testing practices.

NewVision Software Testing & QA Case Studies

Software Testing

In Collaboration With Partners

Why Choose NewVision as Your QA and Software Testing Partner

Latest Technologies & Best Practices

We bring the best and latest technologies, best practices, and approaches in testing solutions to deliver the highest standards in quality and software assurance for customers.

Agile & DevOps Integration

Seamless integration of testing in the software development lifecycle with agile and DevOps practices for continuous improvement and faster time-to-market.


Leverage NewVision’s Test Automation Accelerator

We offer a Codeless Automation Accelerator and “AssurеIT” which allows you to automate tasks without writing code. This means automation becomes accessible to everyone through simple configurations.
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The Benefits

NewVision Approach to Testing & Quality Assurance

Our framework for testing solutions is based on years of experience comprising a comprehensive methodology to increase quality, reduce cost,
and deliver high performance.

Flexible Business Model

    Independent Software Testing

    Our team of experts collaborates seamlessly with third-party and in-house teams to bring an unbiased approach and perform rigorous tests that unearth unique perspectives and ensure your software is of the highest quality.

    Dedicated QA Outsourcing Teams

    Our certified QA engineers implement standardized testing practices to deliver high-quality, accurate software tests using automation testing to deliver high-performing applications that boost user satisfaction and competitive advantage.

    Trust Your Digital Future As We AssureIT Today