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Bringing The Power Of Leading Tech Platforms Into Your Business Fold

We are the trusted implementation partners of some of the leading platforms in the enterprise IT landscape. Configuring, implementing, and managing these solutions, our teams deliver new possibilities in automation, ERP & CRM, cloud, and AI.

Association With ServiceNow

A trusted implementation partner of ServiceNow, we excel in defining enterprise digital workflows leveraging the diverse capabilities of the Now Platform. Be its enterprise IT modernization or optimizing how businesses can leverage the platform, we ensure the platform connects IT systems, employees, and customers for digital efficiency.

Our Services


Professional services for successful deployment and configuration of the ServiceNow platform

  • Requirement gathering to assess and define scope of ServiceNow implementation
  • Solution designing and architecture for tailored implementation
  • Configuration and customization
  • Analyze, cleanse, and map data according to ServiceNow tables and migration
  • Integration with other systems aligned with ServiceNow’s capabilities
  • Workflow automation to optimize service delivery
  • Testing configured solution to ensure it meets defined SLAs and functions
  • Deployment and go-live, including user provisioning, system validation, and post-go-live support

Third Party Integrations

Experts leverage the platform’s various integration capabilities to streamline connectivity with third-party systems and applications –

  • API integration – RESTful APIs, SOAP APIs, or other integration methods to exchange data and invoke actions between ServiceNow and third-party applications.
  • Pre-built connectors and integrations with popular applications and systems (Microsoft Azure, Jira, SharePoint, Salesforce, Active Directory) facilitating out-of-the-box integrations.
  • Our integration specialists can use ServiceNow’s Integration Hub, Integration APIs, and tools to create tailored integrations for specific business requirements.


Helping businesses migrate to the ServiceNow platform from legacy project management software or upgrading to a newer version of the platform secured and in a streamlined manner

  • Gathering data on the existing solution workflows and application functional descriptions
  • Understanding the size and migration needs for the current platform/existing ServiceNow database
  • Define data and migration-specific considerations
  • Building the business logic of migration and mapping data model from the application for mapping into the new ServiceNow environment
  • Migrate to a new instance of ServiceNow


Benefit from ongoing support and administration of the ServiceNow platform by NewVision experts

  • Platform administration and maintenance tasks of ServiceNow implementation – (user management, access controls, configuration management, system monitoring, and performance optimization).
  • Incident and problem management responding to and resolving any issues or problems that arise within the ServiceNow environment.
  • Change and release management processes in ServiceNow where we plan, coordinate, and implement changes, ensuring that updates, enhancements, or new functionalities.
  • Training and user support to users of the ServiceNow platform with guidance, answers to questions, user training workshops, and functional guidance sessions.
  • Monitoring ServiceNow usage and performance identifying any bottlenecks, performance issues, or areas for improvement. Subsequently, generating and sharing detailed reports.

ServiceNow Partner Led Success Highlights

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