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Importance of Process Discovery in RPA and Impact on ROI

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Robotic Process Automation has showcased its strengths in delivering optimized business process which is repetitive, needs a huge amount of human workforce, and is rule-based. But so far, it has lacked in its promise to deliver an impactful ROI.

Automation Process Discovery and Its Direct Impact on ROI:

RPA allows your employees to concentrate on more innovative and productive tasks rather than wasting their time on repetitive ‘paperwork’ that has no true value. Automation provides them with an opportunity to look into more important responsibilities and reduces errors in the daily tasks. RPA is a boon for IT requirements since it is technologically secure, stable, and accessible. Thousands of projects in various sectors of the market such as Banking, Insurance, SSCs, Back Offices, etc. have witnessed and benefited from automation. However, those who have been a part of the RPA journey for a long time are now getting impatient due to the deficit expected returns.

A few years ago, RPA was all about POCs and looking for innovative ways to use this new technology within organizations. Now the understanding of the technology has grown, and the core question has become one-off value – what are the actual gains of implementing Robotic Process Automation?

Importance of Process Discovery in Automation:

Process discovery solutions consist of machine learning-based tools that assist an organization in identifying business processes, make expert use of machine learning algorithms to record a large number of variables, and make recommendations for automation. Process discovery tools have a twofold benefit as they can distinguish the business processes that can be automated as well as, help, design the automation workflows, map, plan, and implement the new automation more quickly and efficiently. Process discovery eradicates any guesswork in the identifying process and relies solely on the accurate and scientific method of identifying a suitable process for automation. The Organisation can make automation decisions based on accurate and relevant data and find process sequences or variations that are not obvious to the human eye.

A Guide to the Working of Process Discovery:

 A strong process discovery solution will be driven by intelligent technologies such as Desktop Analytics and Adaptive Machine-Based Learning. This solution will be integrated with advanced responsibilities that will allow it to analyze the employee desktop completely and collect the relevant data such as keystrokes, mouse selections, applications required for the daily process, pages visited, field entries, and the overall time required to complete one stroke of the task.

The solution is capable enough to store the data of millions of employee’s desktops in organizations. The tool will then categorize and structure the untagged and noisy data finding meaningful sequences that can be sorted and tagged to classify employee actions with automation potential. The solution will then use machine learning to identify process paths from this data and operational process candidates that will assist in automation.

The opportunities that arise after this process are then scored and ranked according to the highest prospective for ROI. Within the context of the business, business analysts will get an idea of the value of the particular processes automation and they can recommend the process sequences accordingly to seamlessly build a process design tool.

Advantages of Process Discovery and Its Impact on ROI

Another important factor to consider when you are searching for a high ROI from process discovery is to make it available for a large number of employees across the organization. The fact that the solution is available in the cloud means anybody can access it from anywhere and at any time. It’s instantly available to everyone with easy access and automation available across the entire enterprise. This setup will be a step towards bringing hyper-automation into our daily work processes.

These process discovery solutions provide a long-term solution to all of your automated business processes, matched with the evolving nature of any organization’s operational make-up. It is designed in such a way that only the best process opportunities for automation are identified and presented. This will help you start your automation journey on the right note, with the right moves as these solutions are there with you every step of the way to ensure a high level of improvements and optimizations.

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